Wed now or wait ?

16 | 03 | 2016
by Amber Kennedy

You are in love.
You want to get married.
You got down on one knee and your partner is now your fiancé. But until Australia makes marriage available to everyone you have two choices;
A Commitment Ceremony or an Overseas Wedding.
A Commitment Ceremony is performed, like a marriage ceremony, to public celebrate and publicly acknowledge your relationship.



Braeh Brimson proposing to her partner Mel along with their two sons

• All your family and friends can be there.
• You can include anything you like into the ceremony because it is non-legally binding. No hoops to jump through or wording requirements
• I offer all my Commitment Ceremony couples Free Legal Paperwork once the law is changed whether that is with another ceremony or not.

• It is not a legally recognised ceremony or commitment.
• All your family can be there – haha, seriously ‘weddings’ can cost a lot of money if you let them.
With many other countries listening to the people and legalising Same Sex Marriage, the opportunity to be legally married is just a flight away.
Same-sex couples looking to get married overseas should obtain a ‘Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage’ before they leave Australia as this document may be required by the authorised overseas. It is best contact the embassy or consulate of that country before you leave.
• Just like any destination wedding you get to have your wedding and honeymoon at the same time.
• You will be legally married in that country and most other countries that recognise Same-Sex Marriage
• Your marriage still won’t be legally recognised in Australia and there is no current provisions in the changes put to parliament to recognise previous overseas marriages.
• Some guests may not be able to be there due to health, age or cash.

No matter which of these options you choose, l believe couples should marry when the time is right for them. If that is now for you, do it!
I’d love to sit down for a chat about we can make your ceremony exactly what you want it to be, what ever that is.

Written by Amber Kennedy   AMBER THE CELEBRANT – Check out Amber’s Profile

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