Is your business same-sex ready?

26 | 07 | 2016
by Ryan Watson

The industry that’s dedicated to celebrating people in love are missing a large chunk of society because they’re only marketing to certain love birds, and they’re not same sex love birds. A lack of inclusive language and gender neutral advertising is distancing businesses from some couples wanting to use their service.

PMGW co-founder Brenton says “The most important thing a wedding vendor can do is go through all their materials including web advertising, directory listings, brochures, websites, contract/agreement forms making sure that all of the language and imagery is inclusive of all couples. The wedding market is more competitive than ever and couples have a choice. They’ll want to work not only with the service provider who can match their budget, style and planning needs, but who are also prepared to respect, admire & fully support their same-sex relationship.”
Here are some helpful tips to demonstrate that your business is supportive of same-sex marriages and all marriages really.



Tip 1 Don’t assume!

Don’t assume that because it’s a gay wedding that things are done differently, likewise don’t be surprised if things are done differently. Just be respectful at all times and show couples that you care about their vision for their special day.

Tip 2 Include everyone

Adapt all written and verbal communication so all clients are included. Simply by referring to the couple as partners rather than ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ shows openness to marriage equality.

Tip 3 Social media

Demonstrate your businesses openness to all marriages; include snippets of same sex weddings on your social media as you would any other wedding. Showcase all images of love in its many forms and allow potential couples to identify you as a LGBT friendly wedding specialist.

Tip 4 Love is love is love is love

All anyone wants is to walk away saying “that was the best day of my life” and as wedding experts you have the ability to deliver that. Help create a memorable day that celebrates love, all love.

 If you haven’t already updated your marketing materials to be inclusive, it’s time.

Tip 5 Who are you referring?

Another major step is to review your current favourite vendors or recommended list to qualify which welcome the idea of working with same-sex couples – Making sure they too are ready, willing and able to correctly welcome gay and lesbian couples before you send them referrals of your couples.

For further tips on how to become a leading wedding supplier please feel free to contact Plan My Gay Wedding. PMGW is an exclusive handpicked community of talented, passionate and professional wedding suppliers who respect, admire and fully support all celebrations of love