7 ways to Impress your Partner this Valentine’s Day

13 | 02 | 2017
by Lauren Samuels



7 ways to Impress your Partner this Valentine’s Day


Ah Valentine’s day! The day to show your loved ones how special they truly are by going above and beyond. BUT, you can’t do (and get away with) something that is just average. We suggest trying something different and outside of the box. We have decided to help make your job a little easier by coming up with 7 ideas that will surely blow away your partner and earn you some brownie points.


  1. Breakfast in Bed

Let’s start it with something straight forward shall we?

It seems so simple, yet it’s not everyday that someone brings us breakfast in bed. We don’t mean come in with a bowl of soggy cereal- we want you to go all out. If your partner is a lover of coffee, walk down to the local cafe before they wake up and order them their favourite drink and croissant. It’s nice to be spoilt!


  1. Be a tourist

So many of us take our beautiful cities for granted. When was the last time you actually went out and did a touristy activity? Melbourne for example, has so many amazing things to do, but we all never have the time to do it! One of the coolest things we have discovered recently is the Aqua Donut. This floating device is equipped with a BBQ, Bluetooth speakers and all the cooking utensils you require. You don’t need a boat license and you can cruise around Docklands at your own pace. It’s a private, exciting and fun activity to do with your partner and we recommend doing it at night so you can look over the city.


  1. Create a Scavenger Hunt down Memory Lane

This idea can be great for all budgets as you can spend as much as you desire. You could start off the day by sending your lover to where you first met, whether this being a cafe, concert or wherever. From there you can spoil them by arranging a limousine to take them shopping for an outfit for the evening. You then will be waiting for them at their favourite restaurant. Get creative and spoil your other half!

  1. Pamper Day

Valentine’s Day falling on a weekday means you and your partner may have work. If it’s been a busy start to the year why not treat you and your partner to a romantic day at a spa, or if you need to be at work why not arrange the spa to come to you! This can easily be done and removes the hassle of having to go somewhere. It also makes the experience more personal as you can decorate your house in a romantic way.


  1. Jenga- Valentine’s Day Style

Everyone loves games, especially Jenga. But why not make the game truly yours! Whip out your markers and write something special on each piece. Set up the game before your partner can see and they will get a pleasant surprise when they pull a block out. You can write complements, questions, anything. If it were us we would be cheeky and test our partners knowledge on questions about the relationship and ourselves, or you could be nice and write a 5 minute backrub on the block. Up to you whether you’re naughty or nice!


  1. Volunteer

Why not use the night to give back to others. It may not seem like the most romantic option but it can be a great experience and way to show your partner a different side of you. There are so many organisations throughout Melbourne that would love the help of extra hands. Valentine’s Day is about showing love to others so why not spread your love a bit further from your partner by sharing it around. We know a lot of people would appreciate it and it would definitely be a different experience for you both!

  1. Outdoor Cinema and Picnic

The great thing about Valentine’s Day is that the day falls in Summer, meaning the weather should (most likely) be good! Therefore why not take advantage of this by going to an outdoor cinema. The Moonlight Cinema is currently running in Melbourne and it’s a great date place. Pack a delicious picnic, rug and a cheeky bottle of wine and you’re set! If you want to have a night in or the outdoor cinema isn’t convenient, you can easily set one up yourself. A white sheet and projector is all you need. Nothing like a private viewing for two!