What You Need to Know When Having Bridesmen and Groomswomen

26 | 04 | 2017
by Ryan Watson

The days of having bridesmaids with the bride and groomsmen with the groom are long gone and traditions no longer apply when selecting your wedding party.

By mixing things up with a co-ed wedding party, the brides and grooms can have their favourite people – completely regardless of any gender.

While some guests will love the mix of genders, others may find it slightly odd or uneven, but when it comes to same-sex celebrations lets not forget that ‘old-school’ is already ‘out the window’

Grooms Tim & Jamie who own and run Event Hire Company One Big Day Event Hire says “it’s important you have these people by your side, it was so great to have a truely personalised experience that we now look back on and feel so thankful we chose those that are closest to stand by our side”

Image Source – Aria Photography

Wedding venue owner Simone of Roombas says “its important to remember who’s celebration it is. It’s your day after all – Do what makes you and your partner happy – We have had a mixture of entrances into the reception, they can walk down the aisle in same-sex pairs, opposite-sex pairs, or one at a time.

Do what’s right for you: Over the past year, weddings have had couples with groomswomen, bridesmen, best women and males of honour.



Create a vision for what you want your day to look like and what you want to have captured – You may decide to have all women on both sides wearing the same outfits and colour palette, then all the guys on both sides are matching with either pocket squares or ties to match the womens dresses.

For a more mix-and-match style, choose a wedding colour palette and pick clothing for everyone that coordinates.



Bridal showers and bucks parties are sometimes seperate events for couples, but they don’t need to be, if you and your partner share a common interest with friends why not share your pre-wedding celebrations together.

Invite your loved ones, no matter their gender! A wedding is supposed to be a time to celebrate with those you love, so why not break tradition for the pre-wedding fun!



Changing roles for the entry of your wedding party into the reception is the perfect way to be creative with how to title each member and their partner. Again their are no rules, be creative with what you call your male maid of honour, or brides best man, or bridesman, groomswoman, the list goes on.

Its great to see couples break the rules and find fun and authentic ways to celebrate their wedding. I think it’s definitely the new normal for weddings – you should be able to share the day with your nearest and dearest by your side, no matter if they’re a man or a woman.


Image source: Pinterest, Etsy, and Martha Stewart Weddings