I don’t do Gay Weddings!

14 | 02 | 2018
by Amber Kennedy

I don’t do Gay Weddings!

I just called them “weddings” ..  between two people … and since the law changed in December it’s been bloody awesome!!

The doom and gloom slippy slope never came to pass and instead we have been blessed with beautiful ceremonies of true love and commitment.

There has not been an influx of Elton John style flamboyant weddings.
The institute of marriage has not been desecrated.
The world did not end!

So then why do we still need a site like PMGW? Why would some people need a different type of wedding or supplier? What more would any couple need than the world of social media and a Pinterest board to plan their day?

I thought this myself until a recent introductory conversation with a bride.  We were chatting about what l do and what they were after and when organising a time to meet she happened to ask “are you ok doing same sex weddings?”

And there it is.

The question that most couples don’t ever have to ask. The preparation for rejection and justification that NO-ONE should ever have to make of their love and relationship.

Whilst 61.6% of Australians voted for marriage equality, we have to remember that 38.4% voted no and unfortunately a portion of the wedding industry falls into this category.

Let’s face it; all couples should be able to plan their wedding with full confidence that every supplier will be open to working with them. Without judgement or prejudice.

Sadly it may be another generation before that happens.
Until that day, you can rely on providers like PMGW to ask that question for you so there is no doubt and no need to even ask the question. Browse through with a sigh of relief knowing that every supplier here (especially ME) can’t wait to work with you.


Written by Amber the celebrant

Images Courtesy of The Wedding and Portrait Studio 


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