How to plan a same-sex wedding, 10 main differences when planning a wedding

20 | 03 | 2018
by Ryan Watson

How to plan a same-sex wedding, 10 main differences when planning a wedding

At the end of the day, a wedding is simply a celebration of a couples commitment to each other for life.

Hens and Bucks

Do you have a joint hens or bucks where all your mutual friends can celebrate the exciting time in the lead up to your wedding day or are they arranged to be held separately to keep with tradition?

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The Guest List:

For any couple one of the most challenging aspects of a wedding is compiling the guest list. No matter the size of the wedding, working out who is added to the guest list is hard and vital to keeping everyone happy. Everyone has these issues when it comes to the invitations, on the other hand, LGBTI couples also have the additional focus on whether or not the invited guests will be accepting of their ‘wedding’.

Will your guests feel comfortable throughout your wedding celebrations?

Wether your wedding is at a local venue, or a destination unknown/visted by your same-sex friends, you’ll want to ensure they can feel completely at ease when selecting and booking accommodation .

Ensuring you have picked the perfect places and professionals not only for you and your partner but for your LGBT guests. Creating a sence of welcome and absolute inclusion will help all couples feel they can be themselves without prejejious throughout your entire wedding experience.

Mixing up the ceremony 

With tradition, the groom waits for his bride to walk down the isle to him. When you have two grooms or two brides many couples opt for a modern way of inviting their guests to take a seat.

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“Today, there are two brides, take a seat not a side….”

Gender Roles

A traditional straight-sex wedding has many roles which are typically defined by gender.  Its recommended selecting your wedding vendors to understand your story, and who will be doing what roles on the wedding day.

Traditionally the best man would hold the rings until the ring exchange of the ceremony, the bridesmaids are on the brides side and the groomsmen are on the grooms side. When it comes to same-sex weddings, more often couples have both male and females mixed within the wedding party sides. Its important that your celebrant/officiant, photographer and cinematographer know who is who in order to include each person in the best position possible.

Maybe both brides want to arrive at the ceremony at the same time and walk down the isle together, Amanda and Sera who were married in March this year chose to walk to the alter at the same time but from different areas .

The Awkward Same Dress or Same Suit scenario 

When two brides are getting married, they may select to both wear wedding dresses or both suits, asking bridesmaids, or a best friend to look at both dresses to ensure they don’t arrive on their day wearing the same thing. For two grooms – the options are less limited, if they both decide to wear suits. They may want to be matching or completely different – While not outshining the other. Then there is the wedding party and what they will be wearing.

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One difference between same-sex couples and straight-sex couples is the awkwardness that some same-sex couples experience when researching their wedding vendor list. When selecting wedding reception venues, cake maker, photographer and anything else related – couples want to experience a warming approach to their relationship. Although many wedding specialists do welcome and support same-sex couples and something majority are very passionate about, couples have mentioned that many wedding vendors don’t yet understand the difference when working on an LGBTI wedding and how best to ensure they guide couples through the experience without either a sense of prejudice or overcompensating.  Keep in mind that many vendors have a lack of experience yet, however are just as excited to work with you on your unique wedding day.