Adrian & Govind

Adrian and Govind

Heart beats Paper every-time

I had a wedding yesterday. It was a really really good one. Just like many hundreds i’ve shot before, just with one difference. It wasn’t official. And to be honest, that doesn’t really matter.

Same sex marriage is not recognised here in Australia (yet).

That being said, it didn’t stop Adrian and Govind from throwing one of the most love filled, heartfelt and beautiful wedding’s I’ve ever witnessed, and i’ve seen hundreds.

They aren’t concerned about a piece of paper, what’s a piece of paper when you have such a strong, deep, meaningful, loving and beautiful connection to each other.

Heart is going to beat paper everytime.

I can’t wait to share more of this day with you. If there was a thing as a love-o-meter it would have exploded coming close to this wedding. The tears of happiness, the words of joy and the moments of caring that were expressed by everyone on this day and night that not only joined two people, it also joined two families and two cultures.

Yes. Just lots and lots of Yes.

I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves on this one. Safe to say that I love these guys, their wedding and everything about it. It’s one of the really special ones.

Well. Not sure I have the words to express the total love that this wedding holds. Adrian and Govind’s story is a great love story that brings together their lives as well as mixing beautiful families, different cultures and religions.

And, can we legalise this now please? It’s beyond a joke. Love is love and no government is strong enough to stop it, so why even try.

See more of their wedding day over on award winning photographer Alan Moyle’s website