Jamie & Tim

Tim & Jamie

Meeting someone for the first time and just clicking with them instantly can blossom into something beautiful. That was the case for Tim and Jamie who met over 3 years ago through mutual friends.

Both men agreed that there was something about each other that intrigued them. For Tim, he was bewildered by Jamie’s earrings thinking “they must hurt”! For Jamie, he believed Tim was out of his league and wouldn’t have a chance with him. However, Tim was very interested in Jamie, and they exchanged numbers. They discovered they had a lot in common and shared the same morals. They built an amazing friendship that evolved into something more – love. This kind of love had a strong foundation built from their friendship meaning they already knew each other so well.

They enjoyed overseas travel, weekends away, road-trips, food, culture, wine and motivating each other to keep fit. Tim and Jamie supported each other and simply could not imagine life without their other half.


On the 4th of November 2014, Tim and Jamie were enjoying a relaxed day at the races with their close friends. Tim decided that this was the perfect time to get down on one knee and propose to his best friend. We all know what Jamie’s answer was and the happy couple got married the following year.


They had their ceremony and reception at Dunvegan Cottage in the glorious Willows Historical Park, with their close family and friends. They were simply two best friends who then became soulmates. This was Tim and Jamie’s idea of a happy ending- a friendship filled with fun, laughter and love.

Images Courtesy of Turner Studio